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School Introduction


        The Kindergarten was founded in 1997 and located in Tung Chung, is one of Po Leung Kuk’s non-profit kindergartens. Our kindergarten has joined “The Free Quality KG Education Scheme”. Our school has set the Five Quality Circles to promote a broad, balanced approach to learning which include Moral, Intellectual, Physical , Arts and Music. To nurture talent for the future of society, to practice what they have learned and spread it back to the community for the mission. The language being taught at school being mother tongue-based of Hong Kong, children will not only be exposed to Cantonese but also English and Mandarin.

Teaching Aims
  • Ÿ To provide a good learning environment and variety of activities and cultivate their spirit of knowledge, offer students opportunities to develop creativity and critical thinking, to have confidence and willingness in adapting to the changing world and foster the life long learning approach of children.
  •  To strengthen students confidence to express.

Our Vision
       Based on children’s physical and mental development to design suitable learning activities, to let children become optimistic, kind-hearted and courageous people through exploration, discussion and problem solving activities.
           To promote home-school parent-child relationship, establish the home-school group, organize various family activities regularly as well as to educate children together.
       To improve the professional qualification of teachers through professional training and build a quality, harmonious learning environment for children.